Who Benefits

Essentials 4 Women SA is passionate about helping women from all walks of life. There is no set criteria and we hope to help every woman who needs it. 

To date we have assisted women who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, victims of domestic violence, recently arrived asylum seekers, basically any woman who has little or no income.

Organisations we supports

If your organisation helps women in need and would like to become a beneficiary of #essential4women products, please contact us and we will endeavor to help!

We also distribute goods directly to men and women in need with regular distribution of goods to our friends on the street. We work closely with the good folk at Cos We Care who hand out food to people sleeping rough.

Things women have told us:

"I haven’t had new underwear in over 5 years."

"Me and my kids might be poor but we aren't dirty. Having my period so often without enough hygiene items has left me dirty and miserable. These items are going to be a huge help and will leave money to be spent of food for my kids."

"Pads are the last things I buy. Sometimes they don’t get bought at all because I had to buy my medication."

"Using toilet paper from the public loo’s is really harsh on my skin and ALWAYS leaks. Thank you!" 

"It’s not a question of what I need, it’s about what my kids need. I will never buy a luxury like tampons if my kids need something. They always need something."